Is it worth it? An honest Diono Quantum Classic Stroller Review

Is it worth it? An honest Diono Quantum Classic Stroller Review

Short answer: yes! But like every other stroller, whether it’s right for you depends on your individual needs.

To preface this post, I work in a high-end baby store that sells stroller such as Uppababy, Nuna, and Bumbleride, and personally used a Britax B-Agile. So, I know my way around strollers, high-end and budget-friendly. I can confidently say that I LOVE my Quantum Classic.

A trip to the Seattle Aquarium with our new stroller.

I’m a big believer that a stroller is essentially your baby’s vehicle, so investing in a good stroller is worth it. Trust me, I tried to go the affordable route and purchased a travel system that I ended up hating.


  • The look — this might be the best accessory I’ve ever had… aside from my daughter 😉 The leather detailing and grey fabric is a seriously beautiful combination. If you’re looking for a chic, modern stroller this is definitely a winner.
  • The ride — walks are extremely smooth thanks to the weight of the stroller, but the weight of it can also be considered a con (read below).
  • The handle bar — if you or your significant other is tall, you’ll want a stroller with an adjustable hand bar.
  • The seat/bassinet — my absolute favorite part of this stroller is that the toddler seat and bassinet are one and the same. That means there’s nothing extra to keep in storage. And the toddler seat accommodates up to 50 lbs. That’s MAJOR in terms of longevity of the stroller. For reference, the seat included with the Uppababy Vista only accommodates up to 35 lbs, you’ll have to purchase a separate toddler seat if you want it to last through 50 lbs.
  • The canopy — the coverage is amazing for naps, and you can even fold the fabric back to ventilate the stroller in hot summer months through the mesh panel insert.
  • The brake — seriously one of the best features of this stroller. The “one-step” break makes it simple to step on/off the break. No more scuffed shoes or tender feet in flip-flops.
  • The price — I know, I know, $600 is a lot to spend on a stroller, but for the price of this stroller, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck than strollers like the Nuna Mixx or Uppababy Cruz. Neither of those comes with a bassinet or cupholder, you’ll have to purchase them separately.
  • The accessories — The stroller includes a cup holder, rain cover, all-weather footmuff, air pump, and car seat adapters. Like WHAT. That comes right back into your wallet as savings if you plan to purchase accessories in addition to a stroller.
  • The car seat adapters — one set is included and is compatible with Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, and Nuna brand infant car seats.


  • The fold — the biggest downfall of this stroller. Even though it’s marketed as a one=hand fold, you’ll need to take the seat/bassinet off the frame before you fold the stroller down. This is a huge pain if your hands are full (ie: holding a baby) or if you’re in a hurry. Note: you can fold it with the seat attached forward-facing, but it takes up a lot of space.
  • The weight — at 31.5 lbs, this is a beast of a stroller. If you’re looking for a lightweight option, this is far from it. You’ll need two hands to maneuver it and lift it in and out of the car. It does come with a strap so you can throw it over your shoulder, but you’re still lugging around a 30+ lb stroller.
  • The solo-seat — the Quantum Classic does not support a second seat. If you plan on having babies within two-years of each other, I would recommend a stroller that can grow with your family and accommodate another seat. In my opinion, for the size and weight of the stroller, it should be able to support a second seat.

Overall, I personally love and would recommend the Diono Quantum Classic — unless you travel frequently, need to constantly take the stroller in/out of the car, or have kids close together in age. But if you’re like me and need a smooth, comfortable stroller for long walks that is great in any sort of weather, this is a great option!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

XOXO, Keiko

PS: I’m leaving with you some cute photos of Lenny the Labradoodle taking the stroller for a test-ride. 😍 or 😂?

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