Life-changing nursing pods in airport terminals: Mamava

Life-changing nursing pods in airport terminals: Mamava

Prepping for MJ’s first flight was a little (okay, like majorly) daunting. I was traveling alone, with one major plan: wait to nurse him until we get on the plane to keep his ears, and my sanity intact.

My babe was only six-weeks-old at the time, and I was clearly still getting used to the fact that nothing ever really goes according to plan with a newborn. So of course after the car ride to the airport, checking in, and going through security, the boy was ready to eat!

Trying to breastfeed MJ on one of the benches at my gate was somewhat of a sh*tshow, to say the least. I was fumbling around, trying not to drop anything on the disgusting floor, my elbows were falling off the tiny armrests, and I felt like everyone was staring at me, most likely planning ways to avoid sitting next to us on the plane.

On our next trip, I spotted it on the way to my gate — a white, pod-looking thing, with a logo that looked like boobs. Naturally, I had to go check that out.


My moment of discovery? The Mamava lactation suite. You guys, I felt like I found buried treasure. It’s ventilated, has places to sit, plenty of outlets and places to hang your bags. The walls of the particular pod I was in were even decorated with giant photos of Mt. Rainier. MJ was able to nurse in peace, while I had plenty of elbow room and zero weird onlookers. Definitely a lifesaver, considering you’re about to hop on a flight where your situation will be the complete opposite. I’ve also used the pods for pumping, which is WAY better than sitting in a bathroom stall!

Just about every terminal at Sea-Tac has a Mamava, and you can easily find them (and other pump friendly places) through their website or app. Gotta love those little things that make traveling a little easier. To the creators of Mamava, job well done, ladies! 👏

XOXO, Abby


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